2 thoughts on “Quote # 1

  1. I am a loyal follower of Joseph V. Stalin. but one cannot refute that, for all trotskys flaws he was the organizer of the red army and a hero of the revolution. Though his ideas were a deviation from Leninism he nonetheless fought for the idea of bolshevism and communism, because communism he disliked is better than no communism at all. Though he was kind of a jerk in person. Also, what are the Trotskyist ideas? There are none. Modern Trotskyists are a bunch of rebels without a cause. Trotskyism was make believe communism for the clueless. not even when Trotsky led the “united opposition” did he have any real cause. He should have been left as a military advisor, nothing else. But it is easy o just say Trotsky won the war, stalin didn’t. This isn’t true. Stalin did help win the civil war, but played more supporting, but all the same essential, role. Now during world war 2 it was all different. If I could point my finger to the mot important ally in the second world war I would point straight at stalin. Though he did make many errors towards the beginning of the german invasion, he displayed incredible bravery in saying in Moscow when it looked like it would be overrun by the germans. As the wore went on, he helped mainly through diplomatic means, maintaining the alliance with the allies with vyachelav Molotov, but also would have final say on any major move his marshals planned. Overall I would say he is a good leader, but a leader with many mistakes. Still, all people make mistakes, it is just fact. Some people have the illusion that stalin was flawless, but he is not. Che guevera denounces this thought too, freely criticizing stalin, mainly on one point-the cult of personality.Other than this, Solid leader. Leon Trotsky, very smart man, politically mislead, great military leader, and even better author (when not writing politics).

    • Sorry, this isn’t really about quote no. 1. my mistake, got carried away with words.

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