Books by Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin wrote many books, and was a prolific writer always, a large part of his early career as a revolutionary, catching the eye and admiration of Vladimir Lenin, was his work writing pamphlets and articles for the revolutionary cause.  Here are some of his books to download and read!

**All of these books are pdf files that will open online, but which you may download and save to your computer or device for offline reading.**

Marxism and the Problem of Linguistics  A book on scientific linguistics by J. V. STALIN

Stalin on the American Communist Party  J. V. STALIN talks about the American Communist Party in the late 1940s, discussing certain ideological deviations of some Party leaders.

Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR  A book about socialist construction by J. V. STALIN

One thought on “Books by Joseph Stalin

  1. Purchased his collected works. Pretty good sultuff he wrote. Actually quite the scholar, even though few people portray him as one.

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