International Society of the Organizations defending Stalin’s Legacy (International Stalin Society: ISS) was informally formed in 2012 after the formation of Stalin Society Pakistan, the second Stalin Society of the world after Stalin Society (UK) in the region. From 2013-2-14 ISS was joined by several societies across the world. ISS was formally launched in January 2014. The Society isn’t a political party but an academic venture. The aims of the Society includes:- (i) Defending Stalin and his legacy on the basis of historical and scientific facts and to disprove propaganda directed against him. (ii) Studying and doing research on the works by and on Comrade Joseph Stalin and his legacy. (iii) Defending all those historical personalities and events either praised/defended by Stalin himself or were influenced by Stalin’s ideology. “Defending STALIN is defending Communism” We acknowledge the contributions of following organizations in refuting anti-Stalin propaganda in their respective regions, with all active websites/facebook pages listed:

* Stalin Society (UK)



* Stalin Society Pakistan (StSP)



* Stalin Society India (SSI)


* Stalin Society of North America (SSNA)


* Associazione Giuseppe Stalin (Stalin Society Italy)


http://www.librosml.blogspot.it (Publishing)

* Stalin Tour


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    • fashizm and fachists criminals were occused in Nurenberg by all anty -Nazi coalition. “Facts ” about similarity Stalin to Hitler ,USSR to 3 Reich were “proved” by yellove bankeers satanic media with sociopatic “high” society of cleptomans and morderers .

  2. Андрей Фурсов – Все записи 2016-го года andrei fursov- all video 2016

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